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Human Resources Consulting

BHRS offers customized services to small businesses in plain language. We provide expert guidance without the confusion.

Ease your concerns about managing your people.

It’s hard work keeping track of the daily human resource department functions your business needs. Do you feel overwhelmed with HR tasks? Are you having trouble determining whether or not your team is on track? The success of your employees is our best interest.

Tailored for small businesses, our solutions help you grow strategically.

You have different needs than a large corporation does. Shouldn’t the same be true for your human resources plan? BHRS focuses on what matters to you, including:

  • Hands-on consulting that understands your unique team dynamics; 
  • Implementing strategies that the risk of legal action; 
  • Reviewing policies to ensure compliance; 
  • Resolve difficult workplace issues; 
  • Employee counseling and performance management; 
  • Keeping the right people on the team and terminating those that aren’t a good fit;

With customized support, your business is fully equipped to handle a variety of situations – even the unexpected ones.

We help you grow your business effectively.

“BHRS comprehensive services with updating an effective employee handbook, human resource policies, and procedures transformed our human resources practice.”
– Adriane Sanford, Owner, The Sanford Group