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Small Business Certifications

BHRS offers full support for small businesses navigating the certification process.

Use your small business certifications more effectively.

Feeling lost in the certification process? Unsure how to leverage certifications for government contracts? BHRS simplifies the certification journey, guiding you from the very beginning to your success.

Certifications allow your business to access more opportunities. We help you uncover what those are.

Small business certifications are a strategy to grow your business. Do you understand what you should be doing next to take full advantage of them? BHRS can help you both before and after the certification process:

Pre-Certification Support: 

  • Identification of NAICS codes;
  • Gathering and reviewing documentation;
  • Filing for various certifications including MWBE, EBE, DBE, SBE, ACDBE, and more;

Post-Certification Strategies:

  • Maintaining certifications and processing renewals;
  • Ongoing business networking assistance
  • Graduation guidance when your business exceeds eligibility criteria for certification programs;

Not only will having certifications help your business, but having a well-documented plan for how to use them expands your potential for business growth.

Our solutions are customized to your needs.

“With BHRS support the certification process was seamless, which opened doors for government contracts and other new business opportunities.”
– Benito Castillo, Owner, GFTrucking LLC